Billing and Insurance

CPT Codes for Services

Listed below are common CPT Codes used by clinicians. Please note that it is at the clinical discretion of the provider to determine which services are appropriate and recommended for your child. All services are conducted on site at CBL.

Diagnostic Interview/Intake (50 minutes): 90791

Psychological Assessment (based upon total hours face to face, scoring, interpretation, and report writing): 96130; 96131; 96136; 96137

Parent Conference (50 minutes): 90846

Individual Outpatient Therapy (45 minutes): 90834

Conjoint Outpatient Therapy-Parent with Child (45 minutes): 90847

Please note: Educational Evaluation and Education Consultation services are not submitted as a claim to insurance. This is a fee for service.

Fee for Service (Out of Pocket)

Please contact the individual practitioner for information.


Listed below are the insurance companies that are contracted with each independent psychologist. Contact your insurance provider for information regarding insurance benefit information.

Dr. Forsyth - Medica, United Behavioral Health

Dr. Sander - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

Dr. Schulting - Medica, United Behavioral Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

Dr. Schumann - Medica, United Health Care, United Behavioral Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota